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What is the ZeroLiquid protocol?
ZeroLiquid is a novel protocol that offers interest-free, liquidation-free, and self-repaying loans for LSD tokens. Simply lock your LSD token in our protocol, and the protocol will issue you a synthetic token that can be freely traded on the market giving you instant liquidity. Don’t worry about paying back the loan as it will be paid off using the rewards earned on it. You can also unstake it early by paying back the remaining loan, simple as that.
Is the ZeroLiquid protocol live?
ZeroLiquid is in the final development stages. Follow the roadmap on the website for the latest updates, or join our Telegram chat.
Does ZeroLiquid charge any fees?
Instead of highly variable interest rates, the protocol charges a small fee, initially set at 10%. This fee is taken from the yield earned by your collateral – no fees are ever charged on your principal capital.
Can I withdraw my LSD assets at any time?
Yes, you can withdraw your LSD assets anytime you want by repaying the remaining loan amount.
What returns does ZeroLiquid offer?
The APY/APR is not determined by the ZeroLiquid Protocol, but instead based on the LSD token's underlying protocol e.g. Lido or RocketPool. For reference, the APR usually is between 4% and 7%.
Can I stake $ZERO?
When the protocol launches you will be able to stake ZERO tokens to earn a portion of protocol revenue. This ensures strong utility for our native token and allows the community to share in the success of the protocol.
Last modified 4mo ago