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ZeroLiquid is a decentralized, non-liquidation, interest-free, self-repaying loans protocol that enables users to use Liquid Staking Derivative(LSD) assets to issue loans against their collateral.
Users can enter and exit anytime without committing to long lockups. There will never be a liquidation of a user's collateral unless they choose to do it themselves.
When a user deposits LSD tokens in the protocol, it will issue a synthetic token (zETH) that can be traded on the market to provide instant liquidity. Users do not need to worry about making repayments, as loans are paid off using the staking rewards earned by the collateral. Users can also early unstake by paying back the remaining loan. The ZeroLiquid protocol offers a flexible line of credit that enables users to obtain loans from their yield-generating collateral without having to sell their assets.
Unlike traditional lending platforms, users can freely enter and exit positions without committing to lockup periods. Moreover, the platform ensures that a user's collateral will never be liquidated unless they choose to do so.